Planning Ahead. 8 Tips to Make Your Week Less Stressful

Planning Ahead2_MyCCL

We have all done it at some point.  Running around Monday morning, throwing lunches in bags, searching for something to wear, organizing backpacks, dashing out of the house only to find the gas tank almost on E, and speeding so we won’t get to work late. Of course the last minute lunch you packed in awful, but when you open your wallet, you don’t have any cash to get something better.  You do scrounge up a few coins at the bottom of your purse, so now you are at the vending machine and about to eat chips for lunch.  You have started off the week in the most stressful way possible.  How did this happen? Think back to your weekend and see, what could you have done differently?  I have realized that the more I organize in advance, the less stress there is during the week.  Here are my eight tips to tackle before Monday to make you start the week with a smile, not pulling your hair out in frustration.

1. Food – Sunday Meal prep will change your life!  Fill out a meal planner, food shop, organize the lunches and cook what you can before the week starts.  Pre-made lunches that are easy to grab and go will save you time each morning and dinner will be more about spending time at the table together instead of standing around cooking. I use this Meal Planner from partyblog.mgrafico. 

meal planner_MyCCL

2. Transportation – If you drive, fill your gas tank and make sure you have all your reusable bags stored in the trunk for any errands you may have to do after work.  If you take public transportation buy your tokens or bus pass for the week.


3. Money – Go to the cash machine and take out all the money you will need for the week.  Our family uses an envelope system you can read about here: My Organizational Binder


4. Schedules – Spend a few minutes cross referencing the family calendars to review who is going to be where each day and evening for the week.  Reminding yourself that someone has to work late or there is a parent meeting at school is better on Sunday than the morning of the event.


5. Clothes – Make sure your outfits for all week are laundered, ironed, and ready to go.  There is no need to stand in front of a closet each morning picking out an outfit.


6. Electronics – This is really something to do nightly, but challenge your family to make Sunday evenings an unplugged time.  This will allow for quality time together and all the electronics will be fully charged and ready to go on Monday morning.


7. Entertainment – Check your DVR!  Are all your shows set to record? Even if you know you will be home, you never know if the kids’ bath times will run longer, you will get caught up on a phone call, or any of the other million things that keep you away from the TV.  No problem – your shows are recording.


8.  Sleep Habits – Sunday is not a day to sleep in.  Get up early, so you will go to bed early.  If this list is too overwhelming, start with this one. Getting a good night sleep is the first key to a non-stressful week.


Don’t let this list stress you out either.  Like any organizational project, start small. Pick one thing to do this week or coming weekend.  Next week, try and tackle one more thing.  I understand that you don’t want all of your Saturday and Sunday to just be about prepping for the next week.  You want to have fun and relax, too.  That’s why I started Helpful Hump-day Hints… what are small things you can do midweek to cross off your weekend to-do list.  I usually get gas and cash before the weekend because they are easy stop-on-your-way-home-from-work errands. The other six I carve out time each weekend to do.  When Monday comes, I’m ready. And I never eat vending machine chips for lunch anymore!

How do you prep for the week?  What routines make your week stress-free? Leave me a comment and let me know.  Thanks for reading.

Photo Credits: Christy Chang

My Friday Favorites 04.17.15


Here are my Friday Favorites – one day late!

On TV-  A plane crash in Seattle stirs up lots of past emotions as the newer members of Sloan Grey Memorial team learn the truth about what happened to many of their co-workers.  Alex makes a huge reveal to Arizona. Owen and Cristina, I mean, Amelia go back and forth. Meredith is in a state of panic after not hearing from Derek all day, while knowing he missed his meeting in D.C.  Throughout the episode, flashbacks fill us in on the last MerDer conversation. McDreamy is back – see below – and wants to go for baby #3?!  The last scene was classic gut-wrenching Greys showing Meredith through a window with the reflection of police car lights circling across her and her home.

#WhereIsDerek“But the truth is, you don’t know how you’ll react to your worst case scenario.
None of us do.  Not until it happens.”

On the Page-  Glamour
is a magazine I faithfully read in my twenties.  Now in my forties, I find cooking, home decor, and family magazines are more my speed.  But when I saw three of my favorite ladies on the May cover of Glamour: Sarah Jessica Parker, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Kerry Washington, I tossed the issue onto the supermarket conveyor belt.  I’m glad I did! In addition to the great article about these three power women teaming up to bring awareness to female veterans, I also enjoyed reading up on fashion trends, beauty tips, and taking a quiz to see what type of snacker I am. I never would have thought twenty years later the “Hey It’s Ok to...” page would still make me laugh, but it turns out it does!  My favorite on this month’s list: “Hey It’s Ok to…just RSVP no without an explanation  It’s only happy hour, not jury duty.”  I need to cut this one out and post it near my computer so the next time I start feeling guilty about responding no while trying to think of new and creative ways to say – “I would rather be home with my family,” I’ll be reminded Hey, it’s OK!

On the Computer- I found this new-to-me blog, The Summery Umbrella, on twitter and I loved looking through the whole site! That’s what I love about social media – just clicking a little star to say: this is one of my favorites… leads you to amazing people and all they are accomplishing.  Anything with the tag line – Refresh Your Life – is something I want to read.  Look at this amazing before and after bathroom pic from Small Updates with Big Results.  (An aqua and apple green bathroom!  Yes, please!!) But don’t stop there – click away – every post is great!


In the Kitchen-  This is on my Sunday Meal Prep menu this week! Quinoa Stuffed Peppers from Easy as Apple Pie.  A delicious combination of two things I usually make during meal prep: quinoa and roasted peppers – so why not put them together?  I can’t wit to try this! 

quinoa stuffed bell peppers

On my Pinterest Boards- I started a new Pinterest Board this week – Juice Glasses – to help me gathering pics of one of my favorite things to collect: tiny, colorful, glass cups!  This pic led me to a cute article Pretty Little Things to Collect and Display from Babble.  Image number 4 could have been from my mother’s house! Love the garden knobs, antique keys, printers blocks, and vintage milk bottles.  (Ok, maybe ANY of these images could have been in my mother’s house!!)

Pretty Little Things to Collect and Display

On my Twitter Feed- @HillaryClinton I’m running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H

Hillary Clinton

What are some things you are loving this week?  What are you watching, reading, pinning and retweeting? Leave me a comment and let me know.  Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for reading.

The 600th Comment Contest

Congratulation to my friend Cassie for making the 600th comment on My Color-Coded Life.  Cassie has four daughters and they celebrate Easter, so I decided to make some gift bags for the girls.

Comment Contest Winner _MyCCL_600

This was a very simple gift to make.  I printed out the name labels on my computer and bought some gift bags from Target.  I also printed out a few extra labels in case Cassie wanted to use them for anything else: on card envelopes, labeling Easter baskets, seating place cards – name tags can be used for anything!

600 comment contest _ easter bags

Thank you, Cassie, for being a faithful reader, for always commenting on my posts, and encouraging me to keep blogging (especially at times when I took breaks from it!)

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Thanks to everyone for reading.  Want to win a fun prize? Well you have to start making comments on my blog! Here is to the next 100 comments…who knows maybe you will win the 700th Comment Contest!

My Friday Favorites 04.10.15

  Friday Favorites ginghamOn TV- This week marked the final return of Mad Men – an end of an era. We got a glimpse of a Don and Roger we used to know, reminiscent of earlier seasons, double dating with women enamored by their money and power.  Don is continuing to be reflective of his life, decisions, and relationships. Learning of the fate of Rachel Menken seemed to only be the tip of what we have in store in the final six episodes.

Mad Men _Season 7

On the Page-  The April 2015 issue of Good Housekeeping has its usually great articles on home decor and recipes, but what I love most is More Bliss. Less Stress. A to Z Happiness Boosters to Try Today.  From Appreciate, Bake, and Change Your Commute all the way to Wine, X-press Yourself, Youtube and ZZzz … twenty-six easy little tricks to energize your attitude.  This is a current issue so you can’t view it online, but here is a similar article: 8 Things You Should Do Every Single Day. 


On the Computer- Whenever I start to organize a room, an area, even just a drawer – I grab a trash bag!   Declutter First Organize Later by Simpleigh Organized includes great bullet points on how to declutter, while reminding us that it really is the first step to organization.  Only keep what makes you happy, the things you LOVE!  I love these ideas. 


In the Kitchen- I have been very committed to drinking only water during the day.  I put lemon my water to spruce it up a little.  I was looking for some new ways to dress up my water and found Citrus Coconut Soda.  Yes this is a soda recipe, but all these delicious fruits would also be great in just straight H2O.  And if I want a little treat, I could have the soda once in awhile!


In My Parenting Toolbox- The great read in the New York Times  Our Push for “Passion.” and Why it Harms Kids is a terrific reminder to all parents to let our kids learn, explore, discover, experiment, try, succeed, fail – it’s all OK!  Don’t worry about what the admissions people at insert name of “the best school in your region” here are going to be thinking about when you decide whether or not to sign your kid up for a club, sport, or extra curricular activity.  Just ask your kid – do you want to try this?


Hope this week allowed you to find some of your favorite things.  What were they? Leave me a comment and let me know.   Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

My Friday Favorites 04.03.15

  FF apples grn

On TV- First, I must mention the season (we all believe to be series) finale of Hart of Dixie.  Although it has not been officially cancelled, the writers made sure that the season four finale was really a series finale and left no storyline unfinished.  And they threw in a huge choreographed musical theatre finale number by the whole cast downtown at the gazebo.  Long live Bluebell!  But my favorite pick this week is my new guilty pleasure, The Royals on E!  As a self proclaimed Royal Expert, this show was calling for me to watch it, and once I realized it is created by One Tree Hill’s Mark Schwahn?  Set the DVR, please!  It has all the ingredients for your typical night time soap opera with obvious comparisons to the real Royal Family across the pond.  A royal tragedy, heir and spare drama, dating a “commoner,” the partying princess and the tabloids, and two embarrassing female cousins who wear unfortunate hats.  And, yes, Elizabeth Hurley plays her Majesty, The Queen. (Even Queen Elizabeth can dream, right?)


On the Page- I just recently subscribed to Weight Watchers magazine on my iPad. One thing I have really missed since starting this diet is french fries!  As you can see from the March / April cover, there is an entire article dedicated to fries in this issue. There are eight different recipes to help you satisfy your fry urge, with tricks to make them healthy and what dipping sauces to use.  Zucchini Fries with Lemon and Dill, Cheddar Fries, Garlic Rosemary and Lemon Oven Fries, Eggplant Parm Fries, just to name a few.  Because it is the current issue, there is no online link yet, but I did find this similar recipe here: Spicy Sweet Potato Oven Fries.

Weight Watchers March April 2015 On the Computer- One of my favorite sites, A Mighty Girl, the world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls, has put together a fabulous collection of books. Beloved Books: A Mighty Girl Community Favorites includes one of our favorites in our house: Rosie Revere Engineer, by Andrea Beaty.

rosie_revere_engineer_A Mighty Girl In the Kitchen- I’m getting ready to start my meal prep for next week which means roasting a lot of vegetables.  I decided to look for some different ways to do this and found this recipe Clean Eating Roasted Summer Squash from The Gracious Pantry.  I have a bunch of summer squash and zucchini to roast and I will be trying this easy recipe out – the parmesan cheese will be so delicious!

clean-eating-roasted-summer-squash-the gracious-pantry

On my Pinterest Boards- I found this pin on a board called Bedroom Wall Decor. It brought me to this post: 14 Pinspired DIY Wall Art Tutorials from Gleam It Up. It would be nice wall art, but I liked it as an activity to do with Olivia with all of the different craft paper I have!

Wall Art from In My Shopping Cart- I found these awesome Keep Calm and Carry On Magnetic Page clips by Re-Marks that are perfect book marks for both books and magazines. I keep them with my stack of my current reads.

magnetic clips_re-marks

On My Playlist – Lately I have been downloading albums that take me back to a certain point in my life.  I’m not sure if it is the nice spring weather starting to appear which allows me to roll down the windows as I drive, or my looming 20th(!) reunion from college, but I’ve been blasting Dave Matthews Band – Under the Table and Dreaming this week.  #fbf

Dave_Matthews_Band_Under_the_Table_and_DreamingAnd all the little ants are marching
Red and black antennas waving
They all do it the same
They all do it the same way

I hope you all had a fabulous week.  Spring Break is over for me – back to the grind on Monday.  Seven weeks until Memorial Day!  Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

Fun Spring Break Activities for You and the Kids


Your calendar says Spring Break. Do you think a great time to relax and recharge or what am I going to do everyday with the kids?  I asked all my favorite moms what their go-to activity is over Spring Break. Click on the pictures from more information about the activities.

1. Plant Magic Jelly Beans to see what they grow they next day! -Annmarie, mom of Pax age 5 and Pyper age 4

magicbean-SeeJaneBlog 2.  Library trips or bookstore visits for browsing and/or buying some new books or just reading- especially on rainy days. When the sun is out, gardening- Charley loves to help dig holes and water flowers! – Courtney, mom of Charley, age 3

20 PICTURE BOOK_the book diaries

Gardening with Kids _ Craftionary

3. I pick a theme and do activities around it (one a day) to create an at home camp. Here’s one we did for fairies: Fairy Fun. We also do Easter activities like color eggs and make peep houses. Nina mom of Norah age 8, Finn age 6 and Aidan age 4

Peeps Houses by Yesterfood 2
4.  I like to bake with the kids. The more hands on – the better. It usually ends up messy – but I let them taste things along the way and then the finished project. It takes a while, and helps fill up space with a sweet reward at the end. -Lindsay mom of Cole age 4 and Amelia almost age 3


You can click here to read a previous post I wrote about Spring Break Activities I love to do: Spring Break Vacations – Maureen, mom of Olivia age 3.5

Thanks to my fabulous and creative mom friends who shared their go-to spring break activity for this post. Thanks to See Jane Blog, The Book Diaries Blog, Craftionary, Les Petites Presents, Yesterfood, and Become a Better Baker for their fun activities!  Are you home with the kids either this week or next week?  What do you have planned? Day trips, craft activities, games?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  Happy Spring!

My Friday Favorites 03.27.15

 FF pink green brown
Tick, tock, just a few more hours until the weekend, and for me Spring Break!
Let’s jump right in and talk about all the things I am loving this week.

On TV – #DidHeCheat Shonda Rhimes has gone back to the basics with Grey’s Anatomy for the past few weeks. I know what some of you are saying – you still watch that show?  Yes I do! And if you loved it when it first started, you would like the direction it is going in now. Interesting cases about patients we care about. Lots of action in the on-call rooms (Owen and Amelia!?  Even though I am not happy that Amelia and James from Private Practice didn’t last, I am happy that Owen can finally kiss someone without hot grate steam all over him.) Hanging out in the back hallway on the gurneys talking about Izzy, George, and when Callie was straight!  When Meredith called Derrick and another woman answered her phone, she kept asking “Who is this?” And the only answer she could come up with is the same answer Addison Montgomery came up with when she met Meredith in the Season 1 finale.


“You must be the woman sleeping with my husband.”

greysanatomy_meetaddisonThat brings us to last night’s episode. Did he or didn’t he? I guess it doesn’t matter what we think, just what Meredith thinks. It also didn’t take Hunt long to show his short temper to Amelia (helloooo this isn’t Cristina, take it down a notch. And did anyone else forget he lives in the trailer?)  My final thought: Alex Karev is still my favorite!

On the Page –  Real Simple Magazine is celebrating 15 years.  The subscriber cover for April 2015 is a celebration of years of Real Simple. So many of these covers I remember keeping for months just because I loved the way they looked!  The single lemon on the Back to Basic Cleaning issue, The No Cost Makeover with the apple green wall, Organize Your Life with the turquoise and orange boxes, How to Save Money all Year Long with the granny smith apples  – all of these lasted on my desk for inspiration for months after they came in the mail.  I have subscribed to this magazine for many years and it is always one that I renew, without even a question.  


On the Computer- This article has shown up on my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds recently.  The Costs of Parenting: Stay Home or Return to Work? A Personal and Professional Decision With Financial Implications. This is a conversation I have had with many friends lately. Is there a way to balance work and home so I am happy with what I am doing in both places?  Am I making enough money to even justify having a job outside of the home, or is my paycheck going to childcare?This article gives the hard facts (dollar signs) of what it costs to raise a child and how it will effect your paycheck.  I also love that they chose a man for the picture. Warning: Contents of the article may be slightly depressing. Click carefully. 

Costs of Parenting

In the Kitchen- I have been eating a lot of roasted butternut squash lately (I know it is a fall veggie, but I buy it organic frozen to enjoy all year.) I searched the web to find some recipes with my new favorite go-to ingredient. I found Fusilli with Mushrooms and Roasted Butternut Squash from Primavera Kitchen. Looks great doesn’t it?  Not only does it have butternut squash AND pasta (yum) but it has my other must-haves when reading a recipe -the words EASY and DELICIOUS!


On my Pinterest Boards-  I started following this board on Pinterest this week – Post-Its.  The pin I like most on this board led me to this blog Five Ways We Love to Use Post-It Notes from Eighteen25.

post-it notes from eighteen25

On My Wish List-  How great would these lime green office accessories by Poppin look on my desk? Their tagline is work happy.  I would if I had all these supplies!

lime green desk supplies by poppin

On my Twitter Feed- @theorderexpert Brighten up your office with this collection of decorative file folders!

Decorative Folders from the order expert

What are some of the things you are loving this week? Leave me a comment and let me know what made your Friday Favorites list. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

The 500th Comment Contest Winner

It has been quite awhile since my friend Courtney won The 500th Comment Contest, so long in fact, that I actually already have the winner for the 600th Comment Contest! (Insert a bunch of embarrassed emojis here!) I have owed Courtney her prize forever and I finally gave it to her this past week, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

My Color-Coded Life_comment contest winner2

I included a nip of whiskey, Baileys, my Irish Coffee recipe and a few Thin Mints is a shamrock bag. I hope Courtney and her husband are able to enjoy a nice Irish Coffee! Read here for all my Favorite Irish Coffee Recipes including my own: The Best Irish Coffee Recipes.

Congrats to Courtney for making the 500th comment on my blog and winning The 500th Comment Contest. Thank you for being a faithful reader, Facebook “liker” and all around encourager for me to keep blogging.

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Next up, congratulations to Cassie for making the 600th Comment. Prize to come, in a much more timely manner!

Thanks to everyone for reading.  Want to win a fun prize? Well you have to start making comments on my blog! Here is to the next 100 comments.

My Friday Favorites 03.20.15

Hope everyone had a fabulous week.
Here are all the things I am loving! Enjoy!

On TV – This week I started watching the new Netflix show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  When I read about it, I knew it had all the ingredients to be great. Tina Fey, Robert Carlock, Jane Krakowski, and Ellie Kemper- how can you go wrong with this combination?. They do not disappoint. There are many laugh out loud moments in this comedy about a young woman who moves to New York after being held captive in a bunker for fifteen years.  


On the Page –  Country Living April 2015 –  a collection of antique stoves, an updated farmhouse reveal, decorating with neutral colors, tasty recipes, and the reoccurring “What is It? What is it Worth?” are just a few of the reasons I keep flipping through this issue. 

country living april 2015

On the Computer-  I am completely guilty of taking a stack of photographs, throwing them in a decorative box and saying, “ok – those are organized.”  Just because they are out of sight and out of mind does not mean they are organized!  Check out How to Organize Photos from Organizing Made Fun

how to organize your photos

I absolutely love #5 on this list.  It’s so true, get rid of photos that you don’t want.  I read this tip in Anthony from Sex in the City’s voice, channeling the scene where Carrie crosses off the 76th guest on her wedding invite list.  “Cut throat — I love it. I hope you’re that decisive when it comes to the location and the dress.”  If the photo is of poor quality, a bunch of people you don’t even really know (college party), ex- boyfriends (really, no need) just be cut throat!  Toss them out! 


On my Pinterest Boards-  I have been very dedicated to prepping meals ahead of time so I am making healthy choices and we can still have family dinners even when my husband and I are working all day.  I found this pin on a new board I am following: Best Blogger Recipes.  The pin took me to a great site New Leaf Wellness and the post 17 Freezer Meal Prep Sessions That Will Change Your Life.  You know me – I love discovering things that will change my life for the better!  

 Prep Sessions from New Leaf Wellness

On the scoreboard – March Madness is in full effect!  I love the NCAA Basketball tournament and look forward to filling out a bracket and watching all of the high stakes games.  This year my alma mater is a #1 seed.  I have them going all the way, even beating Kentucky in the final game!  The last time they won was in 1985, maybe thirty years later they will win the grand prize again.  Good luck to the Villanova Wildcats! V for Villanova, V for Victory!


What are some of the things you are loving this week? Leave me a comment and let me know what made your Friday Favorites list. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. 

Using Kitchen Items to Organize Your Life

HHH ginghamInspired by an article I read in HGTV Magazine’s March issue, today’s Helpful Hump-day Hints show how I use everyday kitchen items to organize my life.

I’ll start with the most obvious – coffee mugs.  I have a ton of coffee mugs (it is the go-to teacher gift, people must think we love telling ourselves we are the “world’s best” or “#1″ each time we sip our java.)  I’m also extremely guilty of purchasing new mugs that I think are cute, even though I absolutely do not need anymore at all!

This adorable owl mug serves a different purpose in our house.  It is the home of the lost toys!  Anytime I find some small piece to a game, puzzle, or princess somewhere around the house, I put it in this owl mug.  When I hear “Mommy, I can’t find….”  I point to the owl mug.  Sometimes I see my daughter checking it all on her own. When we are doing a big clean up, the stuff in the mug goes back to its rightful home.

owl mug _my color coded life

Currently in the owl mug are Elsa’s crown, Anna’s boot, an acorn from The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game, the letter N, and even a Ninja Turtle accessory. (Pax’s mom – if you are reading this and he is saying – “Mommy I can’t find”….. it’s in the owl mug! We have it!)

lost toys_mycolorcodedlife

My next coffee mug organizer is my favorite apple green polka dot mug which holds my sharpie collection.

apple green mug _mycolorcodedlife

I even use a coffee mug at school to hold my sharpies, dry erase markers, bookmarks for my students, and my glasses. My kids know they can use the stuff in the mug, but everything (except the bookmarks) must be returned. Things heard in Room 415: “Who has Ms. Mullin’s green sharpie?  It’s not in the mug!”

school desk _mycolorcodedlife

My classroom colors are orange, apple green (of course) and some shades of aqua and navy.  I also have a chevron theme going on.  When I saw this orange chevron bowl in the kitchenware section of Target, it jumped off the shelf and into my cart.   It’s perfect for holding paperclips, thumbtacks, and rubberbands.

desk accesories 2_mycolorcodedlife

You know what I do not do a lot of in the kitchen?  Bake bread.  Do you know what I do spend time doing? Measuring out medicine, cleaning medicine cups at the sink and pouring water to wash it all down. Even though I do have a place for all our medicines in our linen closet, there are some go-to night time Rxs that I keep all together in my fancy Williams-Sanoma-I’ve-never-baked-a-loaf-of-bread-in tin.

bread tin_mycolorcodedlife

Cough medicine, TheraFlu, and a thermometer all fit perfectly and can be stored away in a cabinet, or in my case, right on top of the refrigerator.

bread tin 2_mycolorcodedlife

On my vanity in my room, I keep an egg cup.  The jewelry I wear most often I keep in it so it’s easily accessible. This way I can just grab and go when getting ready, instead of digging through my larger jewelry box that has all the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings I have ever owned.


You can read a post I wrote once before about egg cups and why they make an unusual, but great engagement gift here: Egg Cups Aren’t Just for Eggs. 


The last item isn’t necessarily a “kitchen” item, but mine began piling up in the kitchen before I thought of a good use for them.  What am I talking about?  All of the tin lids to my mason jar candles.  Even when my candles aren’t lit, they still make a room smell great, so I never put the lids back on them.  I couldn’t figure out what to do with these and they started piling up in my kitchen cabinets.  Finally, I realized they were like mini trays and could corral smaller items.  Here I have a travel size lotion and hand sanitizer that I keep in our bathroom.

jar top trays_mycolorcodedlife

Do you use any everyday kitchen items to help you keep your life organized?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  I love hearing about new ways to use things already lying around the house – especially if it helps makes things neater and simpler! Thanks for reading!

Using Kitchen Items to Organize Your Life _ CCL

I want to send out a special thanks to my colleague, Christy Chang, for taking the beautiful pictures in this post.